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Hello there, I’m Alarna Hope, a Fashion and Personal Stylist based in Sydney. I’m here to help you find your personal style, understand fit and assist you in building a wardrobe that lasts and is easy to maintain. Your wardrobe is a sacred place for things that work in your day to day life and make you feel fabulous, which is why I ask all of my personal styling clients to only buy what makes them feel great and stick to a few guidelines to help them make smart shopping decisions in the future.

I know that everyone is different, no two bodies are the same and life events cause us to adjust the way we dress, whether that’s becoming single, going for a promotion, having a baby, experiencing menopause or any other things that like to throw a spanner into our wardrobes. To assist you with these changes, I offer three different types of personal styling services that are listed below:


Majority of the time when we shop, we go in with an idea of what we want but walk out either with nothing or with things we ‘usually buy’. With my clients, I like to teach them to plan their shopping and pick items with a fresh perspective by teaching them how things are supposed to fit their bodies, showing them the possibilities of different shapes of clothing and colours they can wear and helping them to discover new places to shop so that when they decide to add to their wardrobe without my help, they know what they want to add and where they need to go.

This service is offered in full or half-day packages.

alarna hope shopping in the strand arcade in sydney

My friends have been asking me for fashion advice lately, it’s very new to me but such a compliment! I had no idea where to go or even start before shopping with you, so thank you so much!

Joanna, Redfern


While each of my clients have different needs and lifestyles, Sydney City has become a favourite of mine to take clients shopping. Between the Queen Victoria Building, The Galeries, Westfield, Strand, Met Centre and the Chifley Tower, we’re in a central location to cover a diverse range of brands and take advantage of the exclusive discounts my clients are offered when they shop with me.

One of the biggest reasons I love shopping with clients in the city is because I know the staff in the centre well, they give my clients special treatment and each store often carries an extensive size range, so being sold out of a certain size of clothing is a rarity. For clients travelling in for a session, they’re close to transport and accommodation and some fantastic restaurants if they decide to make a day (or a mini-getaway) out of it.

My other options for shopping are Bondi Junction, Broadway Shopping Centre in Glebe, Wollongong Mall and Shellharbour Stockland.


Our wardrobes hold a lot of emotion, not just clothing. We’ve invested money, time and sometimes tears into our collection of clothing and every piece in there is there for a reason, even though sometimes we can’t quite put our finger on why.

When I go through a wardrobe with a client, we focus on streamlining and curating their wardrobe to their own personal style and removing things that aren’t working or don’t fit and flatter. This is a home visit service and is available for Sydney-siders.

alarna hope organising and fitting a wardrobe

Thanks again for yesterday Alarna, I don’t think I’ll be shopping without you for a long time! I love what we chose and I can’t wait to show my husband!

Victoris, Drummoyne


When new clients contact me, sometimes they just need to start fresh. This means that we’ll go through their wardrobe together, shop and have a followup appointment to put outfits together. More often than not, my clients don’t like to shop and I understand just how hard it can be sometimes as sizing is different from store to store, sometimes staff can make you feel pressured and the crowds of people shopping can also be off-putting.

In this package, the grunt work is taken care of for you. I’ll be visiting the shops prior to our shopping appointment and putting aside things based on our shopping list made in our wardrobe session, so you won’t have to browse. All you need to worry about is picking what you like most and learning about fit and shopping in a new way.

alarna hope personal shopping in the queen victoria building


capsule wardrobe planning online course preview


If you don’t think you want to shop yet, and you know you have some great things in your wardrobe – perhaps it’s time to plan your style and set your wardrobe up for success in your own time. My online course, The Capsule Plan is a DIY Capsule Wardrobe planning course that will help you create your dream capsule wardrobe, the way I would do it if I was there with you in person!

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