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As a Stylist, when I hear the phrase “I’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear”, what my client really means is that their wardrobe is missing the essential items that form the base of all great outfits. So in order to fix this problem, I offer the best Wardrobe Makeover service I can provide.

I can’t thank you enough for our session yesterday, it was liberating and I haven’t felt this free in a long time! You were a delight to spend the day with and I’m thrilled I contacted you!

Angela, Hunters Hill

How Does it Work?

Believe it or not, there is a recipe to great style and a core wardrobe; an open mind and my help is all part of it. I’ll teach you to look at your clothing and body in a new way, a way that focuses on positives and options. I’ll wiggle you out of your bad habits and slip you into something comfortable and stylish that feels like you.

You’ll be surprised at how many great pieces you’ve got in your wardrobe, and you’ll know what steps you need to take to make it even better. No wardrobe is too big or small, and no pair of disco pants from the ’80s (that you just can’t seem to part with), will stop you from being that effortlessly stylish person you’re meant to be.  Scroll through below to read about each step of the Wardrobe Makeover process.

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The consultation is our starting point and a face to face meeting that is all about you. We’ll discuss your lifestyle, budget and taste as well as define exactly what you’re needing to maximise your best features. I’ll also help you decide what style you want to achieve and how to maximise your wardrobe space.

The Style Consultation will be conducted in your home at the start of your wardrobe makeover.

My clients tell me that getting rid of the things you don’t need or wear is actually therapeutic. Getting dressed each day is now much easier for them because they know that everything in their wardrobe fits them and most importantly, they wear them.

Going through the wardrobe and doing a cull is an important step to turning over a new leaf in your style, you can donate what doesn’t work and alter what can be reworked and make new outfits that you didn’t know you had in your wardrobe!

The next part of the wardrobe makeover revolves around what you decide to keep. We’ll make new outfits out of the pieces you love, plus I’ll recommend alterations for garments that can be saved and accompany you to the tailors if desired. You’ll also receive a gaps list with a style break down so you’ve got a frame work to build your personal style off.

The gaps list is what I create with your lifestyle, current wardrobe, body shape and personal style in mind. It’s a detailed list of the core pieces you’re missing that will help you to round out your wardrobe and expand your options.

Not everyone can have the most user-friendly, Pinterest ready, organised wardrobe around, but you can. When there is a place for everything, it’s hard to have a messy wardrobe. After culling what you don’t need and working out what works, we’ll organise your wardrobe in a way that suits your needs and lifestyle.

With my help, your wardrobe will be transformed into an organised space filled with things you love, with room for those things you’re missing that will make your wardrobe even more versatile.

The Wardrobe Makeover: $649 per day* (up to 6 hours)

Please note; additional rates apply for wardrobes needing more than one day’s work and locations outside of Wollongong or Sydney.*

Package Inclusions

A Wardrobe Makeover is designed to get you out of your dressing habits, create new outfits with what you own, remove the emotional baggage and work out what important core pieces you’re missing. Many new clients wardrobes have clothing they don’t wear, don’t fit into, are holding onto because they have an emotional attachment to it and they have clothing sitting in their wardrobe with the swing tags still on them. Over time, habits kick in that are hard to break and when I’m done with your wardrobe, you’ll feel confident that you can enter a decluttered and well-organised closet that has what you need to make dressing and style come naturally.

Wardrobe Makeover Package – $649

A Style Consultation to find your personal style

A declutter and re-organise of your wardrobe

Make new outfits with your remaining wardrobe

1/2 Hour tailoring assistance at a recommended tailor

A Personalised Style Guide

Tailoring & Fit Guide

Washing & Care Guide

wardrobe makeover guides from alarna hope
Wardrobe organising Sydney - A perfect drawer of jewellery
Dream wardrobe design and organisation

Give your unwanted clothing to someone in need

The fashion industry has a big impact on our environment, so when we’re decluttering your wardrobe we’ll be working out the best ways to pass on your unwanted, damaged or unworn clothing, whether that’s by donating to one of the many clothing charities Alarna supports, or recycling clothing to be repurposed into other materials.

Wardrobe full of clothing but nothing to wear | Curated wardrobe declutter \ How will Alarna Hope dress you?
  • After a day of shopping, you unpack your goodies only to wonder why you brought what you did.
  • When it’s time to get ready, your wardrobe turns into a floordrobe and you end up rushing out the door in something you’re not completely happy with.
  • You keep buying items in the same colour.
  • You have so much print and not enough plain clothing to wear with it.
  • You still have clothes in there from ten years ago and your wardrobe is 30% sentimental items or gifted clothing.
  • You can’t find what you’re looking for because your wardrobe is too full.
Wardrobe care and organising

Get a Confidence Boost

A first impression can be everything and if you don’t feel amazing in what you’re wearing- it shows on your face and in your body language. In our Wardrobe Makeovers, you will not only learn how to create more outfits out of what you own, but you’ll learn how to dress for your own personal style and colouring so that you can go shopping with confidence and find ease in doing so!

Save Money

Never again will you impulse buy or leave items hanging in your wardrobe with the tags still on them, because you will know exactly what suits you and how to wear it to maximise your assets and make you shine. Don’t spend money on things that don’t fit, are fast-fashion or just don’t help you be yourself. With the advice of your Wardrobe and Fashion Consultant- you’ll save more money than you can imagine.

Wardrobe care and organising
clothing care tips and wardrobe makeover advice from personal stylist, Alarna Hope

Drop the Emotional Baggage

We all have pieces we love that hold a sentimental value to us, but if they belong down memory lane- they shouldn’t be in your closet! Those shoes you wore on your first date with your partner may have looked great on you years ago, but now they just don’t seem right. Your padded suit jacket and matching slacks may have held the attention of the office when you first got your job- but does it still have the same impact?

Learn how to let go of things you don’t need and make space for new memories and clothing that works with you now.

Is your rate set? Or do you offer different prices for different wardrobes?

Whether you have a small or a large wardrobe, the rate of the Wardrobe Makeover Package is a set rate per session.

What do we do with clothing we no longer want?

When removing clothing from your wardrobe we want to minimise clothing being thrown away. If your clothing is in donatable condition, I recommend donating it to your local Salvation Army or a specialised charity like Dressed For Success which helps women looking for employment dress their best. Any items that could be sold are put aside separately and I can advise different ways you can sell your items. If you have any items of historic value, I’ll always recommend registering your item with the Australian Dress Registry or donating it to a museum collection.

What areas do you service?

I service between North Sydney and the Illawarra. If you reside outside of these areas and are unsure if you would incur a travel fee, get in touch with your details for the session and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote on travel. If you don’t reside in NSW but would like a session at your home, additional travel fees apply.

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