If you wake up every morning and struggle to pick an outfit you feel confident in, a Style Makeover is what you need.



A sit-down chat to discuss your style goals at the start of your Wardrobe Audit. This session will help Alarna Hope to define your body shape, skin colouring and clothing needs. You’ll learn what you need to look out for when shopping as well as tips of the trade to shop and look the way that’s best for you. Impulse buying won’t be a problem with your budget and lifestyle needs in check, Alarna Hope has you covered for an enjoyable, stylish and practical experience.

alarna hope at a style makeover consultation

Thank you so much for yesterday! I had an absolute blast. You are amazing and I don’t think I’ll ever shop without you! The clothes are me all over, I showed my mother and she couldn’t believe it! You matched me so well, thank you!

Mel, Bathurst
alarna hope looking at womens shoes in Sydney


The wardrobe audit is a chance to gain clarity not only on what you own, but how you’ve shopped in the past.

With Alarna, you’ll create a list of items to shop for and a breakdown of shapes and colours to add to your wardrobe. Whether you’ve got lots of pants in the same shape and not enough tops, or seem to constantly buy the same colour clothing, Alarna will create a detailed list to help you find balance and style in your wardrobe.

During this session, we may also need to declutter or replace a few items, and we’ll create some looks from what already own. You’ll learn what clothing in your wardrobe works for you and why and Alarna will share her advice for maintaining a well-curated wardrobe.


When going through your wardrobe, you want to get the most out of what you have. There might be things in there that no longer serve your personal style and routine now and that’s okay! Alarna can recommend various causes and charities to donate your items to. If you have items that can’t be donated due to their condition, there are recycling schemes in place that can be recommended. Rest assured, any items you’ll be passing on won’t be wasted.

Fashion over fifty mature womens style makeover model in striped top.


This is where the bulk of our progress really starts to show. When you arrive for your session, the items you’ll be trying are already laid out in fitting rooms in nearby stores so you don’t have to spend time browsing. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on trying new things like shapes and colours, you might even discover a brand you haven’t shopped with before!

Get advice on how to shop and come home with great items you’ll not only love, but items you’ll live in. You’ll leave knowing what colours and garments make you shine and feel confident in your new and redefined style.


In our final appointment,  you’ll be spending time with Alarna putting outfits together out of your pre-existing and new clothing. Here is your opportunity to ask any extra questions you’ve had time to come up with, have your wardrobe organised professionally and come away with a variety of outfits pre-styled for you.

I highly recommend Alarna for any of your styling needs. Definitely going to continue to engage her to help cement my new knowledge.

Diana, North Sydney

A bit of an Update – $1078

A Style Consultation

Wardrobe Audit

Up to four hours of Personal Shopping

1 Hour Wardrobe Integration Session

A Style & Alterations Guide

A Total Overhaul – $1650

Style Consultation

Wardrobe Audit

A Day of Personal Shopping

2 Hour Wardrobe Integration Session

A Style & Alterations Guide

Style & Alteration Guides for Clients who book

The Style Makeover

for women

style makeover guides from alarna hope includes layering, colour and alterations guides

I am just writing to say thank you for such an awesome morning shopping up a storm on Saturday! I seriously had so much fun and you definitely helped me find some really cool pieces that I would have otherwise overlooked.

Kate, Wollongong

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