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What does your personal brand say about you?
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Fifty-five per cent of our overall perception of someone is based upon their appearance. Does this ring alarm bells in your mind? It should, because while you may not worry about what you wear, subconsciously people around you are making up their own mind about your ability to do your job, your personality type and your education level.

It’s crazy that we all form these perceptions of other people in the first few seconds on meeting someone, but don’t let your appearance, online and in person, hold you back from gaining trust and credibility in your field.

If you are a freelancer or business owner looking for help with your professional image and brand, you can arrange a consultation below.


Having the skills to provide your service or create your product is one thing, but your brand and personal branding is what will create a buzz around you and your brand identity. Putting your foot forward as an authority in your field can seem daunting but all it takes is a little coaching and an eye-opening session with Alarna Hope can help you do just that.

While it may seem strange, hiring a Stylist and Image Consultant to consult on your personal and business brand, Alarna is trained in business and also teaches business, branding and image to others in the creative industry.

Personal Branding Consultation – $200

Tips on improving your online presence

Set up a Personal Branding profile

Get your own Personal Branding Guide

Branding Consultation & Shop – $550

Personal Branding Consultation

Style Consultation

Up to four hours of personal shopping

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