How do you shop for clothing?

The average shopper has one of four outcomes. One, he goes in with a plan to buy one thing and one thing only, he settles on what’s there and doesn’t wait for what he really wants, leaves and only comes back when he needs another item.

​Two, he doesn’t have a plan, wants a couple of items to update his wardrobe but leaves with items that don’t really work with what he already has. Three, he doesn’t find anything at all. Four, he leaves with what he needs, loves and can’t wait to mix with the rest of his wardrobe. I want to help you be shopper number four.

Shop for items you’ll live in season after season. Don’t settle on second best and don’t substitute quality. Having a professional stylist with you while shopping is a fun and rewarding experience. You’ll not only find those key pieces that last wear and tear, but you’ll also find clothing that flatters your shape and gives you confidence. Learn to shop fast and effectively, find clothing that fits correctly and reflects who you are because we want you to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing.

mens fashion stylist client wearing blue cotton shirt and chinos in sydney

I wanted to look fresh and have my own style after my breakup. Getting back into dating and going out with the boys required a little extra effort and Alarna helped to pull it all together for me and make it easy.

MIchael, Drummoyne
mens winter style outfit with a coat and jeans

How Does it Work?

Your Personal Shopping session is set up so that all you need to do is try on clothing, Alarna takes care of everything else. After a Style Consultation, Alarna will help you determine what areas of your wardrobe you need the most help with and will take you to stores suited only to your budget, lifestyle and personal style.

During the session, you’ll learn how to put together outfits, the basics of men’s fit and Alarna will take you to her personal tailor to have any clothing that may need tailoring pinned and fitted.

You’ll learn what suits your shape, colouring and will get a better grasp of how to shop effectively without wasting money on things you don’t need, don’t like or doesn’t fit well. Alarna is there to help you define your style and feel great.

Style & Alterations for Clients Booking

Full Day Services

for men

outfit colour guide for male clients of alarna hope
alarna hope shopping a mens collection of clothing for a client

Where Will We Shop?

Sydney is full of amazing menswear stores. Pitt Street Mall has a variety of brands and styles to choose from, as well as high stock availability (ie; it’s less likely items will be sold out).

Here we have access to Westfield, The Queen Victoria Building, The Met Centre, Chifley Tower, World Square and The Strand Arcade. In Pitt Street Mall you’re in the thick of variety and also have the convenience of visiting close by tailors and cobblers.

My style is much more refined now, you made it hassle-free and I actually enjoyed the process. Cheers, Alarna.

Colin, Birchgrove


Half Day – $418

Style Consultation

Up to four hours of Personal Shopping

Investment – $418

Full Day – $715

Style Consultation

A Full Day of Personal Shopping

A Men’s Style & Alterations guide

Investment – $715

Why Do You Need a Personal Stylist?

Alarna Hope shopping in David Jones in Sydney City wearing white stylish blazer and leather handbag

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but always manage to wear the same old outfit?

Are you struggling in the dating world and need a little help to show others that you’re ready for a relationship? Does your personal or professional image reflect who you want to be? Or, are you simply sick of the clothes you wear every day and want to try something new?

We’ll get you in clothing that fits and flatters in a heartbeat. When Alarna Hope’s work is finished your personal style enhanced and you’ll feel confident in your new look because it’s not only stylish but it represents you.

As her client, you’ll not only learn about your body shape and how to dress for it, but you’ll also learn how to shop fast and effectively for items that will carry your wardrobe through multiple seasons. Don’t let your closet overwhelm you. Alarna Hope will take care of putting outfits together, organising your wardrobe and building your personal style into something you feel confident about.


Men's Personal Shopping Voucher for Sydney City download pack
Half Day Session
$418 Inc GST
Men's Personal Shopping Full Day Voucher
Full Day Session
$715 Inc GST

Man, You Look Good!

If you’re looking for some men’s style advice, you’ve come to the right place.

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