Wardrobe Management, Buying and Assisting for Film & Television

Your character could be a moody teenager from the seventies or a hot-shot lawyer from New York City. They could be a waitress or a busking musician waiting for their big break, if they’re dressed the part, they look authentic.

Alarna Hope has a well-rounded understanding of fashion history, design and costume styling, having studied in Sydney, Melbourne and LA, Alarna comes equipped with the know how to make your character or personality work well on screen.

Alarna can source complete looks, assist a costume designer and provide knowledge, research and advice for costumes for the film and television industry. Make your character real, by choosing Alarna Hope as your Costume / Wardrobe Stylist.

Gothic inspired costume at Sydney Univeristy


Sydney Wardrobe Stylist and Costume Buyer

Characters come to life with hair, makeup and costume. While the actor is responsible for bringing personality to a fictional character, a Stylist or Costume Stylist is responsible for aiding the lead Costume designer in creating the image of the character. An un-ironed or ripped shirt was worn by an otherwise put together woman can show your audience without words that your character is having an off day.

A well fitting suit in navy blue worn with a pocket square and a sharp set of oxfords polishes your character and entices your audience in through attraction and envy. When it comes to costume, it’s not just about clothing, it’s about creating personality and emotion with fabrics. It’s about showing the traits of a character without having to say a word and feeling the change in a character’s mood or adventure when they change outfits. It’s about telling a story.

Alarna Hope is available to consult with Art Departments, Costume Departments and Creative Supervisors in all aspects of character styling and creation. Alarna will not only provide advice on costume for stories set in the present time but she also has a deep understanding of historical costume and can adapt her knowledge to science fiction projects also. Alarna Hope is based in Sydney, Australia and can be booked for television commercials (TVC), feature films, short films, student films, music videos, television and live performances.


Alarna has many contacts in the industry who can make one-off costumes for different events, depending on your time allowance, Alarna Hope can design and manage your costume for your event. Alarna regularly works with clients for ComicCon competitions, Halloween and private company launches and publicity stunts. For detailed, bespoke costumes, Alarna recommends getting in touch at least two months before your event.


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