Bridal Fashion Stylist

Make your wedding effortless with a Bridal Fashion Stylist.

Mature couple at their wedding in Sydney park

It’s time for your big day, where you’re treated like a princess and surrounded by people you love. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to take the hard work out of tracking down that perfect dress for your wedding and making sure your bridesmaids all look fantastic too? With my help, you can make your big day even more beautiful.

Bride looking at bouquet in her wedding dress.


The Bride

You have the dream dress in mind, but you just need help locating it and finishing off the look with the perfect accessories. You can enjoy the stress-free help of Alarna Hope to style your wedding look and even your lingerie and honeymoon outfits for after the ceremony.

The Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids don’t come in a one size, colour or style fits all category. They’re all different and require extra attention where it matters to ensure they look their best. This means getting the right shape-wear, bras, shoes and dresses so that everyone looks fantastic and no one ends up feeling uncomfortable or looking unflattering in photos!

wedding party stylist and personal styling for grooms party

The Groom

The way you look on your wedding day is just as important as the brides look. You’re going to dress your best, feel amazing and be the sharpest looking man on the day. After coming up with a concept with the help of your stylist, Alarna will guide you through the best stores for your style, budget and event dress code to create a look that feels just right.

The Groomsmen

Your groomsmen are going to be the second best-dressed men at the wedding, apart from the groom, of course. Alarna will help you create a concept you’re happy with, source the outfits and accessories and prep the clothing for the day. Outfits will be tailored, shoes will be polished and ties will be straight. When there is a stylist involved, nothing will be out of place.

Bride and Groom at coastal wedding with tuxedo and dress styled by a wedding stylist


I engaged Alarna’s help at the last minute when I needed to get suits for my wedding. Within two weeks Alarna had organised the suits, my groomsmen’s alterations and even delivered the suits to our hotel so we wouldn’t forget anything. She’s definitely worth the money and she made the lead up to my wedding much easier.

Adrian, Darlinghurst

My now husband and I booked Alarna for our engagement photos as we’d never had professional photographs taken of us together before, she knows what she’s doing and she managed to make my partner interested in shopping! We booked her for our wedding after and she’s been fantastic, always so prompt and can handle change and crisis like a pro! If only every bridal store had one of Alarna!

Ocacia, Chatswood

Searching for a bridal stylist on a whim on google was the best thing I did during my entire wedding planning process! She was so helpful, hilarious and calmed me down during the stressful planning process!

Karen, Paddington


Need a hand picking your Grooms outfit all while ensuring your Groomsmen look sharp too?

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