Artist IMage Development

Image and Branding Specialist for Artists in the Music Industry—Sydney

When you’ve got an image and style expert at your fingertips, creating your most desired look is easy.

Are you a professional or up and coming musician? Are you trying to create a name for yourself in the industry and perhaps are seeking representation from an agency or recording label? Your image counts and in order to be the successful person you’ve always dreamed of being, you have to create an authentic image.

artist image development consulting for the music industry client in denim jacket with embroidery

A musician’s life can be hard work. It can be tough putting yourself out there in front of audiences who sometimes aren’t all as kind as we’d like. Before they have even heard you sing or play a note, they’ve formed some kind of opinion of your talent and experience. It is therefore important for you to convey a positive image that is compatible with your unique and special skills as an artist. Posters, publicity shots online and even what you say in interviews about your art all create impressions. It is important to manage these impressions by projecting an authentic image inline with your art.

Alarna Hope is a highly trained Fashion Stylist and Image expert whose experience includes working with The X Factor Australia, HBO, Myer and David Jones to name a few. Alarna has experience casting talent, working on set, understanding what consumers respond to and creating public images of professionals that portrays a positive, instant language between them and their audience.

Artist Branding for the Music Industry

Our Artist Image Development Packages are designed specifically with artists looking for branding in the music industry. They’re completely customisable packages, but if you have a look around, you may find one that already suits you.

Artist Image Consultation – $200

Discuss your goals as an artist

Get actionable advice on your online presence

Get actionable advice on your physical presence

Plan your next steps as an artist

Solo Artist Image Revamp – $600

Artist Image Consultation

A Style Consultation

A Personal Shopping Session

A take-home Artist Image Directive

Band and Photoshoot Package

When you’re an artist and a member of a band, there’s multiple personalities and personal brands that need to align into one professional authentic image. Creating an authentic image is all about helping you and your brand to stand out as unique and recognisable. The packages below are designed for those ready to re-brand their band or update their images and need help getting it perfect. Let’s build a brand identity together.

Photoshoot Styling – POA

An Artist Image Consultation

A Style Consultation

Sourcing clothing for your suit

Styling on your shoot

The Band Re-Brand – $4300

A Band Artist Image Consultation

A Style Consultation for four band members

Four three hour Personal Shopping Sessions

A take-home Artist Image Directive

A social media action plan

Please note: these packages are offered to talent in the Sydney or South Coast region. If you are located out of this area, services and packages can still be conducted provided travel and accommodation expenses are covered.

The career of a musician is different from a regular career. You rarely have the opportunity to simply send a resume out and get a job, venues want to see you perform. They want to know your experience and if your following will bring enough business to their venue on the night you perform. Recording labels want to know how many units you’ve sold, what your ticket sales are like and what publicity you’ve been involved in, all before they decide to take you on as a client. There are so many factors which influence the success of you or your band and talent, image and branding are the most important.

Think of some of the most well-known music artists in the world, many of them aren’t just singers, instrumentalists and songwriters, they’re the total package. When you go to see your favourite artist live, you don’t just go to listen to an artist, you go to see the show. You want to see them perform, however energetic, simplistic or demure their performance style may be. In order to perform with an impact, you need to be branded and you need a sustainable image that is identifiable, consistent and personable but also individual.

It’s not just your talent that sets you apart from the rest. Your image creates a colossal impact on how you are perceived by the public and the music industry. Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Ed Sheeran, like them or not, are all excellent examples of artists who put just as much effort into their image and branding as they do to their music. The way you dress, the look of your images and how you interact with your fans are all aspects of an image that needs consideration, especially when trying to build a larger following or if you’re seeking representation from a music management or recording company.

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