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I’m Alarna Hope, a Personal Stylist, Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant, based in Sydney.

As a Personal Stylist, I offer both women and men a range of styling packages designed to suit those who want effortless style, from those on a tight budget in need a quick Style Makeover to clients maintaining a personal brand who are serious about having a high-quality wardrobe year round.

In my role as a Fashion Stylist, I look after styling looks for advertising, editorials, film and televisions. And as an Image Consultant, I help professionals in both corporate, creative and small business roles improve their personal branding and professional image.

Browse services specifically designed for women who want to update, overhaul or learn to find their style. Packages include personal shopping, wardrobe makeovers, bridal services and style makeovers! Click below to find out more!

Looking for some help overhauling or updating your wardrobe? These packages are specifically designed for men who don’t want to shop often but want to do it right and come home with things they’ll feel and look great in. Click below to find out more!

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The Alarna Hope blog is a space for men and women to find practical, actionable style advice as well as find new brands to shop with. If you’re after clothing care, alterations advice, shopping guides and fit tips – click below!


You might struggle to put looks together and need a little help to dress for your body shape or your wardrobe might be full of clothing that seems like one big miss match. You’ve got some good pieces, but during your dressing process, in your mind, you think ‘What outfit will get me through the day?’, rather than, ‘What outfit do I like the most today?’

You want pieces to suit your work, family and social life. You might be aiming for a new position at work or a partner to share your life with, or you might just want to feel more confident about yourself and are thinking of hiring a Stylist just for you. A Personal Stylist isn’t someone that just takes you shopping, a Personal Stylist gives you the tools and confidence to dress and feel amazing every day.

Look through our range of services and pick one that’s right for you. Alarna Hope is always about finding a great fit, so if you’re unsure of what package to choose or you would like a service customised, visit our contact us page and tell us how we can help you.

At work, I feel more confident, professional & put together, which is no small thing when I’m generally running out the door with a toddler and baby. Socially, I also feel more comfortable in my clothes, no matter what the occasion, because I have the variety of outfits to cover all types of events. I have always liked clothes, but Alarna has finally made them work for me.

Sarah, Redfern
Personal Stylist performing womens shopping services - clothing rack with wooden hangers in fashion store

Personal Styling is not about brands, pricing or size. It’s about what you need and how you feel when you get dressed.

Fashion and Style is all about fun and individuality. That’s why all of my Styling packages are customisable and aren’t for cookie cutter clients. I know you’re not a ‘one size fits all’ type, you need something that suits you.

I offer Style Makeover Consultations, Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Makeovers for Men and Women. For Professionals of all types, Image Consultation Packages are also available. Shop in Sydney, or on the South Coast with your very own Personal Stylist!


​My Styling services are conducted in and around the Sydney and Illawarra area. I know the best stores to take you shopping, I get exclusive discounts for clients and I have contacts to help find what you’re after. You don’t need to have thousands of dollars to spend on a new wardrobe, I’ll help you learn what’s going to compliment your body, what’s practical for your lifestyle and how to be strict with your wardrobe so you have only the things you love and wear in your wardrobe.


There’s not a one size fits all solution for every client when it comes to picking a package, so if you’re not sure what will work for you, you can call Alarna on 0429 607 049 or visit the contact page, explain what you’re after and Alarna can arrange a suitable time to call you!


I love to shop in Sydney because of the diverse range of stores on offer to my clients, whether they’re personal shopping clients or commercial fashion clients needing help with advertising, film or television projects.

My top shopping precincts are:

Sydney CBD / Pitt Street Westfield / Queen Victoria Building /
Mid-City Centre / The Strand Arcade

Bondi Westfield / Bondi Junction

Wollongong Mall / Crown Street

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